S140 Inline Sliding Door


Create your dream home - wide panoramic views and large openings with S140 Aluminium Sliding Door

Modern, versatile and customisable, the S140 Inline Sliding Door combines high performance with contemporary design to provide a reliable aluminium door system for almost any architectural project.

Create your slider your way with our wide range of frame and sliding styles, including track, panel and glazing
options. And make a real statement with our AluK Collection, specifically designed to bring you the latest in colour and textured finishes that give your home that extra level of personalisation.


  • Manufactured to the highest UK standards, this multi-configuration system can achieve thermal U-Values of 1.1W/m2K (triple-glazed dualrail) and 1.3W/m2K (double-glazed dualrail).
  • In addition to dual and triple rail options, a comprehensive range of colours and anodised finishes are available for the system.
  • Flood your home with natural light - The S140 inline sliding door is the ideal solution for bringing natural light and comfort into your home.
  • Extraordinary performance - The system’s high level of thermal and acoustic insulation along with its market-leading water tightness and wide range of configurations, makes it fit for every purpose.


  • Doc L compliant U-values for refurbishment & new build properties.
  • Slimline outer frame with flush frame-sash sight line
  • 2-part triple track profile for ease of fabrication & installation
  • Accepts 28mm - 48mm glazing
  • Max 400kg panel weight
  • Adjustable rollers


  • Soft closer option available
  • Available as Inline using the same sash profile
  • Multiple sliding configurations
  • Dual or Tri rail options
  • Available in single and dual colour
  • Anodised finishes also available
  • Range of hardware and security features


Standard Technical Data
U value W/m²K Double glazing1.3 W/m²K & triple glazing 1.1 W/m²K
Air tightness (Pa) Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness (Pa) Class 6A (250 Pa)
Wind load (Pa) Class 3A (1200Pa)