If you’re starting out on any type of build, extension or renovation and planning on fitting new windows and doors, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you make the right choice.

  • Light

Think about the orientation of your home and how light travels through the space over the course of the day. That will help you decide the size and position of your windows and doors so that you can bring in as much natural light as possible, and even whether you need to consider shading in south facing rooms.

Equally, think about what colour you want your frames to be finished on the inside – in a neutral white or in the same colour as the exterior?

  • Practicality

If you’re thinking about bifold doors, you’ll need to consider in advance which way you want them to open, whether they need to open in or out and if there’s enough space for the panels once they’re folded back. It’s also worth considering whether sliding doors would work better in your space – especially if you want to add curtains or window dressings.

Don’t forget though, you can opt for integral blinds in bifolds and sliders if your priority is privacy.

  • Permissions

If you live in a conservation area or a listed building, there will be restrictions on the types of windows and doors you can fit. Slimline aluminium windows like AluK’s ST range are generally allowed as replacements for original metal framed windows in conservation areas, but it’s always worth checking with your building control department first.

  • Recommendations

As well as asking for recommendations when it comes to who is going to supply and fit your doors, you might want to take some time to visit a few projects where your choice of windows and doors have been installed – either satisfied customers or even maybe new builds or show homes where you can get an idea of how they look in situ.

  • Timings

Don’t leave it too late in your project to order your windows and doors. There will be a lead time of a few weeks – longer if you choose a non-standard colour - and you need to factor that into your timescales.