How To Clean Windows

How to clean your windows

Keeping Up Appearances

Aluminium is a low maintenance option for new windows and doors, but that doesn’t mean it’s zero maintenance. We always recommend a regular cleaning schedule and a little TLC.

Here’s our guide:


You don’t need anything more than warm soapy water or a mild diluted detergent to clean the surfaces and inner chambers. Use a cloth, sponge or natural soft bristle brush and avoid anything abrasive. Just rinse and dry off afterwards with another clean, soft cloth. How often you need to clean will depend on where you live and things like pollution or salt spray, but typically once a year will be fine.

You can clean the handles and gaskets in the same way and it’s worth checking that the weather seals are nice and secure at the same time.

Don’t forget to check that the drainage channels in the cill or base of the frame are clear of any dirt or debris regularly as well.


When it comes to maintenance, the only thing you’ll really have to worry about is the hardware. Once a year, make sure that fixing screws on handles and rivets are nice and secure and tighten (but don’t overtighten!) anything that’s a bit loose.

Locks themselves, friction hinges and safety restrictors need to be kept free of dirt and grime and lubricated once a year or so with light machine oil (such as WD40). Spray all the locking parts that are visible when the window or door is open, including strikers and face plates, and wipe away any excess straightaway.

If you’ve got windows and doors that aren’t being used very often, then it’s worth opening and closing them every now and again just to check the hardware is all working properly.

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