Is Aluminium Weak?

Aluminium profiles in a factory

Is Aluminium Weak?

As aluminium is lightweight, you may think that it is weak and easily damaged. However, aluminium is much stronger than you may think!

Aluminium weighs between 35% and 65% less than steel, but it can be just as tough. In fact, did you know that aluminium is used to build military vehicles, shark cages and skyscrapers?

Because aluminium is light, it means that products manufactured using it can be made stronger and thicker, all while keeping the weight low. Furthermore, by adding additional elements like silicon, zinc and magnesium, it can be manufactured so it is tougher than steel.

This is one of the reasons why aluminium is such a popular choice for window and door frames. It gives protection against the elements, all while being lightweight and cost-effective.


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Do you Know the Top 5 Benefits of Aluminium?

If you are looking to replace the windows and doors in your home, aluminium is a fantastic choice!

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