Classic Casement Windows

Bright living room with large casement window

The Classic Design & Proven Performance of European Aluminium Casement Windows

Designed in Europe, AluK Home’s classic casement windows have been installed in tens of thousands of homes all across the world over the decades. Year after year, millions of homeowners have trusted these proven, reliable windows.

The classic casement range comes with two opening options:

Turn & Tilt Windows

Designed with ease & safety of cleaning and anti-burglar considerations in mind, turn & tilt windows are the ideal choice for living rooms & bedrooms. With tilt mode, you can enjoy natural ventilation while preventing draughts, or even allow fresh air to flow for days while away on a family trip thanks to the specially designed anti-burglar opening angle.

Outward Opening Windows

Outward opening windows occupy no interior space, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Set your soaps and shampoos on windowsills without worry that you’ll need to awkwardly shuffle them around later.  Meanwhile, safety is built into every design with optional child locks and window opening control devices for families with children.


All AluK Home classic casement windows are designed to provide comfort even in extreme weather and are tested to meet the highest national standards, while included thermal breaks keep you cosy & comfortable with lower energy consumption. Our classic casement windows not only look stunning, but decades of AluK technology development guarantee overall performance.

Technical data
U value W/m²K From 1.12 W/(m²K) for turn & tilt windows, from 1.82 W/(m²K) for outward opening windows
Acoustic performance (dB) Up to 45 dB for turn & tilt windows, up to 40 dB for outward opening windows
Air tightness (Pa) Class 8
Water tightness (Pa) Class 6
Wind load (Pa) Class 9

All in the details

Choosing the Right Window or Door Opening Option

There are a few different options for window and door openings, each with its own features and advantages. In this article, we give you a complete overview and help you determine which best suits your needs. Whatever window or door configuration you are searching for, AluK Home has it!

Why is Aluminium the Ideal Choice for Windows and Doors?

Aluminium is one of the most popular building materials in the world. It’s strong and durable; available in all shapes, sizes, and colours; and is environmentally friendly and easily recyclable. All these features make aluminium one of the most sustainable choices for new windows and doors on the market today.

How to Clean and Maintain Aluminium Frames

Aluminium frames require no special maintenance to keep them from corrupting or cracking, while its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. The regular recommended maintenance is as simple as a soft cloth and cleaning detergent to wipe away dust and dirt. That’s all there is to it! Your frames look brand-new again!