Why is Aluminium the Ideal Choice for Windows and Doors?

Building with balconies and aluminium doors

Discover all the advantages of aluminium for your windows & doors

Aluminium is one of the most popular building materials in the world. It’s strong and durable; available in all shapes, sizes, and colours; and is environmentally friendly and easily recyclable. All these features make aluminium one of the most sustainable choices for new windows and doors on the market today.

Discover the advantages of aluminium for windows and doors and see how it stands out from other building materials.

Strong & Durable

The first and arguably most important factor for building materials is quality. Aluminium is strong but light; corrosion resistant and completely waterproof; immune to thermal degradation; and highly durable with a long, cost-efficient lifespan.

In short, aluminium is the ideal building material for windows and doors.

Modern & Stylish

Beyond the practical, aluminium offers a slim profile, smooth finish, and straight lines. As a material, it is the apex of ‘modern’, making it attractive for homeowners and developers alike.

The compactness of the material allows it to hold larger glass panes in larger designs, allowing more light to enter into homes and giving a greater feeling of spaciousness.

One of the biggest benefits of aluminium, however, is its customisability. With a huge range of AluK colours and mix-and-match single and dual colour options to distinguish internal and external sections of windows and doors, aluminium offers the power to give your home a truly personal touch.

Green & Sustainable

Another important factor to consider is aluminium’s environmental friendliness.

Aluminium is a sustainable building material with excellent recyclability, far greater than that of PVC and most other construction materials, making it perfect for those looking to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to green development.

Easy for Maintenance

Unlike wood, aluminium won’t corrupt or crack without special maintenance, and its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Just wipe the frame with a soft cloth to get rid of dust and dirt and your window is good as brand-new!

For robust, stylish, sustainable, and easy to maintain windows and doors, aluminium is clearly the ideal choice. Visit our product page to see the full range of AluK Home aluminium windows and doors.

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How to Clean and Maintain Aluminium Frames

Aluminium frames require no special maintenance to keep them from corrupting or cracking, while its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. The regular recommended maintenance is as simple as a soft cloth and cleaning detergent to wipe away dust and dirt. That’s all there is to it! Your frames look brand-new again!

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